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So my broken cable is on the fritz, so I won’t be writing about the Manchester U vs Everton Game

Title says it all. It’s sad because I was excited as hell to come home from work to see it but I won’t be able to. I did end up checking the score. The only thing I have to say about that is Manchester U have always had issues with Everton. They rarely have an easy match against them, not to mention the last two ties that these teams had were at 3 and 4 goals. Most of the other recent matches end in a one goal deficit, so this score is not so surprising to me. It’s plain history, and I urge Manchester United fans not to be scared about the season. That is all about this game.

I will be doing other games throughout the week. Because I will be watching them midweek, I will do a much deeper analysis of the game, as I will have time to think about it. Stay tuned!

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