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This blog has gotten unsurprisingly… Blue.

And as much as I love my Chelsea, I want to provide a place where people can find the big fixtures and read an analysis of the game. I feel like I haven’t even been doing that for Chelsea, but I feel like whenever I write I have almost nothing to say. However, other than the Super Cup vs Atletico Madrid, Chelsea will be quiet for quite a bit, leaving room for the other games to have a little touch of composition.

If I remind myself, I do also want to do a bit of work with MLS, talking about what they need to step up their football and get them on the world map. Being a resident of the states, I see very little motive to watch the MLS, as I look at them as if I were Brian Clough looking at Brighton & Hove when he first received the job. I always thought of being able to take English football to the US and really show them how to do it, but no one will listen to a no-name kid with a blog and an opinion. I figured I can attend at least one game a month and just write notes to later touch on here. What do you think?

Also, if you happen to find a game you would like me to write about, just contact me in any way possible and let me know. Commenting here or going to my Twitter (located in the Contact Me Page) will get a decently swift answer from me. And off to bed I go!

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