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Cesar Azpilicueta and Victor Moses to join Chelsea and the rest of the Blues!


With Cesar, we finally have a true right defender. Azpilicueta is a great defender and attacker, and will provide some major force on the side.

Victor Moses is smart and lethal, but was always missing the midfield backing. This young guy with give us a true center forward who can also play the wing if need be!

I can’t wait to see these boys in action in blue!

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Robin van Persie is officially moving to Manchester United for the 12/13 EPL Season!

Agreed on the 15th of August, top striker of the last season and Arsenal’s best man Robin van Persie has been moved to Manchester United for a 24 million  euro fee.  After a phenomenal Barclay’s season with Arsenal,  van Persie feels like that his previous team has no opportunity for the major titles. On request, he has been traded Manchester United, a team in which both Sir Alex Ferguson and van Persie believe can contest all possible titles with the combined efforts .  With the season starting in a few moments, this is a major turn in power and it will affect the standings in the league.

Transfer Zone Update – 6 July 2012

-After a very unimpressive year at the San Siro, Diego Forlan will be traded to Internacional in Brazil. They signed a contract for three years and he will be introduced to the fans on the 7th of July.

-An interesting signing, Ji-sung Park is moving to the capital as QPR will be picking him up for a two million euro transfer free. Apparently he has been swayed by the plans QPR has in store for next season and is going to help after spending seven successful years at Manchester United, which includes a set of league wins and a Champions League trophy.

-Old Italian defender Alessandro Nesta is to meet his old striker pal Marco Di Vaio in Montreal. He has stated that moving to the Impact feels like a good move and it’s where he wants to be.

As for headlining news, that seems to be the bulk of it lately. I didn’t mention the signing of AVB to Tottenham because I still believe that losing Redknapp is the single worst thing that Tottenham could of done. Regardless, good luck to the ex-Chelsea manager and I hope that Harry finds a place where his talents are suited.

Robin van Persie “NOT” to extend his contract past 2013

Robin van Persie does not want to be in the Emirates Stadium past 2013, which begs for a few major questions.

1. Why doesn’t he want to stay at Arsenal?

2. Where will he go?

3. Does Arsenal think that with their recent signings of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud that RVP will not be needed anymore?

4. Will he get traded this summer?

Let’s tackle this one by one shall we?

Even after having a phenomenal season, I believe that he realizes that this squad will probably not win anything major. He is probably thinking along the lines of, “Well, if I scored 37 goals this year and we still can’t win a trophy, then what’s the point?” Now, his contract does end in 2013, meaning that if he doesn’t get traded this summer, he can try his luck with the added power of Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud, Arsenal’s two major signings of this summer. If nothing special or promising happens after that, then his leave will be much more understandable. Another reason that he may want to leave is just to have a change of pace. After a crushing defeat at the Euro 2012 and not getting anywhere near a trophy in club games, maybe it is just time to move on and try it somewhere else. I honestly don’t know where he will go. The major teams in the BPL are set on strikers, arguably except Tottenham, so I do feel like he will be going out of country if he does leave. You could see him at PSG with the major signings they have been doing over there, but I expect him more at Tottenham, Liverpool, or even Bayern. Arsenal has said that they want to keep RVP, but the crossroads came across when deciding on the future of the team. That could mean a billion things, but I do feel like if Arsenal really wanted to keep him they would try harder. Either that, or they are really banking on doing well with year and they aren’t going to trade him. Whether he actually gets traded this summer or the next is up to what Arsenal thinks they can do with or without him. If they can feel like they can get the same or better results without him then it is time to part, and obviously vice versa for the other way around. Personally, I do not think he will be traded, but we shall see as we have about a month and a half left of trade time!



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