18 August 2012- Newcastle vs Tottenham

Final Score- Tottenham:1/Newcastle:2

I will note a few things before I start talking about the game. One is that i am doing this from my phone to get at least a small writeup as soon as possible. If you get to this by the time I revise it with my computer, then the actual first is that my TV cable provider is on the fritz, so if anyone has a online solution, whether it costs or not please let me know. I saw most of the game, however the game cut out fairly often so I may have missed something or two.

Now on to the game. To me, this was the game of the week. 4th vs 5th place, and everyone wanted to see how the sacked manager of last year will step into the big shoes of Harry Redknapp. I have some personal quarrels with him, however, I do believe that he can do well with Tottenham as long as no one let’s him deviate from the Tottenham game style too much.
On the other hand, I really like how good Newcastle has become. They have many good players who most people haven’t heard of, but all of them able to put work out onto the field. They put up a big fight last year, and I really hope that they do the same again this year. That being said, let’s actually talk about the game.

The game was very balanced. Neither team has control for more than a while and they both attacked with strength. Tottenham in the first half looked very strong but failed to put one in the back of the next. Strong attacks that were lead with Gareth Bale and Aaron Lennon with great speed. Newcastle also has some opportunities but were not deadly until the second half, where they got a lead on Tottenham early in the first half. Jermain Defoe would answer later in the after a couple possessions of not so threatening football, forcing the ball past the keeper after a very nice header + save. However, the last goal of the match would be conceded as a penalty, as Ben Arfa got tripped splitting two defenders. He would take and complete the penalty kick as well.

The game was a very basic season game. The ball came, it went, and goals were scored. I feel like to really see how AVB will command his team, we will need to see him in the middle of the season. Newcastle does look strong, however the game play they showed today will not put them in top four like they want. Obviously, this is game one, therefore I will keep the talk short of such things. Regardless, it was a fun game to watch.

Tomorrow I will be able to watch Wigan vs Chelsea, and then the Manchester games on Monday. I am aware that they aren’t both on Monday but that’s all the time I have for them. After that, the other games I watch will come out during the week, including the Arsenal vs Sunderland game.

Stay tuned!


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