Pacquiao vs Bradley and other referee blunders.

So I watched the Pacquiao vs Bradley fight. I was excited for it, so I had it recorded, ready to go.

Almost wish I didn’t see it.

Pacquiao, by no means, had an easy fight, but was clearly the victor of the fight. The world is on fire saying many various things along the lines of what football fans say…

And I stopped my thought process there. Any football fan can tell you their team has been the shit-receiving end of the bias referee at least once in their life time. A die-hard fan will remember a major one on the spot (Chelsea vs Barcelona, Round 2 in Semi’s in 2009. Sweet, sweet revenge…). So I ended up hearing and reading the same things that I would hear and read about football referees, even some criticisms I’ve heard as a referee myself. I can say I have been on both sides of the coin, but not at the magnitude of a UEFA sanctioned match or a Welterweight Championship, but the smaller ratio of the sort. Most recently, the opening match of the Euro 2012 was the Greece and Poland game, with head referee Carlos Velasco Carballo showing some very quick yellow cards to Sokratis Papastathopoulos to give the Polish side a man up early. This was very controversial, and even though the fans knew this man was card-happy, it was still (in my humble opinion) too much. Obviously, Greece had their opportunities, but that is not the matter of the subject.

One thing I have learned in all my years of playing, coaching, and refereeing is that when that final whistle blows, the bell rings, or buzzer is heard, it is over. The result stays and the victor is the victor. I can see the political side of why Pacquiao was unjustifiably handed his loss, but it is a sad day regardless. I feel ya Pacman fans, I do, but maybe it’s just an injustice that needs to be swallowed.


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